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We specialize in addressing today's most demanding energy challenges. Whether we are evaluating a commercial building for efficiency retrofits or developing a new software solution for a utility, our cadre of specialists brings to each project a depth of energy engineering expertise found nowhere else.

The opportunities within today's energy industry are greater and more varied than ever before. Developments in renewables, energy storage and smart grid technology are transforming the utility industry. Sustainability is on everyone's mind. Breakthroughs in energy efficiency are challenging the ways we think about
consuming energy.

The potential is monumental, but the systems and solutions are complex. Because innovation does not occur in a vacuum, the AESC approach to energy engineering recognizes the need for collaboration and multiple perspectives that align the interests of the utility and consumer. Because confidence is the key to investment in energy solutions, we deliver an unquestionable level of technical skill to support informed, confident decision-making.

AESC's practical experience and customer base position the firm at the intersection of public and private energy interests.

From utility to facility, AESC plans, predicts, evaluates and supports the implementation of practical energy solutions that are transforming the way we produce and consume energy.

The AESC team includes electrical, mechanical, environmental and software engineers — all with a passion for energy engineering. Our principals and program managers are utility and facility industry veterans, domain experts who understand the regulated utility environment as well as the competitive world of commercial and industrial facilities.

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