State of California Energy Commission Selects AESC to Provide Technical Assistance for the Solar Energy Program

AESC wins contract to the California Energy Commission for supporting successful implementation of statewide solar energy incentive programs.

Carlsbad, Ca - April 1, 2014 -- Alternative Energy Systems Consulting, Inc. (AESC), a trusted leading provider of high quality energy engineering and management services, have announced that they have been selected to work with the California Energy Commission to provide technical support to review requests to add new equipment to the Energy Commission's lists of eligible solar equipment in compliance with SB 1. SB 1 was enacted in 2006 with the goals of installing 3,000 megawatts of solar energy systems, establish a self-sufficient solar industry and put solar energy systems on 50 percent of new homes within 13 years.

Some of the areas of assistance that AESC will provide ongoing support for include maintaining the Energy Commission's lists of eligible solar equipment, conduct technical evaluations and provide recommendations to the CEC to reflect changes in technology and market outlook.

"This contract is a natural fit for AESC because of our extensive history with the solar industry and the California Solar Initiative Program," said Ron Ishii, AESC Principal.

California, with its abundant natural resources, has a long history of support for renewable energy and is striving to create megawatts of new solar-generated electricity, moving the state towards a clean energy future. AESC serves as a catalyst for progress by providing technical services and problem solving resources to the energy markets.

About AESC

AESC provides high quality engineering and management services to enable rapid deployment of efficient, cost-effective, reliable and environmentally friendly energy systems. AESC's customized engineering solutions and services are provided to utilities, government agencies, and other organizations that seek to improve energy production, delivery, and end use. Founded in 1994, AESC has offices in Carlsbad, San Diego, Pasadena, Concord, Sacramento and Fresno, California and now in Portland, Oregon. For more information about AESC and its energy solutions, visit us on the web, and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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