City of Carlsbad proceeds with Photovoltaic System based on AESC Feasibility Study

AESC's extensive history with the solar industry and the California Solar Initiative Program provides basis for Carlsbad's Solar Installation

Carlsbad, Ca - February 21, 2014 -- Alternative Energy Systems Consulting, Inc. (AESC), a trusted leading provider of high quality energy engineering and management services, today announced have announced that the City of Carlsbad is evaluating plans to move forward with a photovoltaic energy project following a feasibility study undertaken by AESC.

In support of the city's sustainability and environmental guiding principles, the City of Carlsbad contracted AESC to undertake feasibility studies to determine whether a large scale solar photovoltaic system was appropriate for the site at Alga Norte Community Park and the Safety Training Center. The purpose of the studies was to determine the size, cost, performance and internal rate of return for the PV systems at the site.

"We were very excited to be able to apply our solar expertise on a project so close to our corporate headquarters," said Ron Ishii, AESC Principal.

In addition to the feasibility and performance analysis, AESC developed estimated installed costs and created a detailed economic analysis for both projects. A case study of the project can be found at CityofCarlsbadPVStudy.pdf

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